Top 10 Tips to Get Kids Involved in Healthy Cooking & Shopping

For both adults and kids, kitchen could be a fascinating place.  The children will be intrigued about how the meals and baked goods come together.  Always it won’t be convenient having kids around in the kitchen, but you need to keep some time apart so that the kids too can help you in the kitchen.

You can inculcate this habit from they are toddlers. You can introduce the world of cooking to kids through toys.  You can go through the top articles at toy review experts to get a fair idea about what to buy for them.  As they grow older, they will be fascinated with cooking and slowly you can involve them in actual cooking.  Here are top 10 tips one should keep in mind while involving a kid in healthy cooking.

  • Pick a right time
  • You need to plan in advance what you are planning to cook together.
  • Get them ready in those clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty. No fancy dresses.
  • You need to keep it simple with fewer ingredients so that the child doesn’t have to wait until you finish a complicated step. You can begin with an easy muffin recipe or tossed salad.
  • Make them understand the recipe
  • Make it learning opportunity for them
  • Children need continuous supervision when they are in the kitchen. They should be directed not to touch the electronic items, stovetops, hot pans, etc. They should be frequently reminded of the things that can hurt them.
  • Make them aware of kitchen hygiene like washing hands before touching any food items.  You need to have patience while you are dealing with the children in the kitchen.  You should not stress yourself if the kitchen gets dirty.
  • Involve the children in tidying up afterward and ask them to taste what you have cooked together
  • Last but not the least, have fun while cooking. It is a bonding time between you and the kids.

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