Kids Toys: The Best and Worst Investments

Almost every house would have a box of toys that are unused; they basically are a dead investment. The reasons for this may vary but if you look at toys as financial investments then it can seriously hurt at times.

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Run through your toys with the list below to figure out which are best and which worst investments of your child’s life.


  1. Books: Though technically books don’t fall into the toy category, all books are profitable investments because they fire your child’s imagination, build their vocabulary and broaden their horizon. And that is not all, sometimes book collections can be auctioned off at a decent price.
  2. Lego: These toys while developing your child’s skill have some value if they are related to any movies because most of the time they are limited editions and if sold get profits.
  3. Board games: These games build family bonding and many times many families have the first versions of the game which are worth several hundred dollars as they are vintage.


  1. Toy cars: With new editions coming up literally every day, a heap of cars is a worthless and dead investment. Of course, you can never weigh the hours of play and joy conferred by these cars in money.
  2. Beanie bags: Though started promising have zero value in current times.
  3. Fake Electronics: Current day kids are smart and they are not satisfied with fake electronics when the real things have more to offer. These fake e-readers and phones are expensive and bore kids fast.

While it is not possible to weigh every toy that your child fancies in a profit and loss balance, to the extent possible invest in toys that can help in developing your kids gross, motor and cognitive skills and less on meaningless trash.