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All You Need to Become a Travel Photographer

Find a good companion:

Since your traveling partner will forgo expensive designer fashion and other luxuries for the costs of traveling, it’s more likely than not he/she is not the materialistic type, because you will know she cares more about experiences than objects. You’ll probably find that the expensive watch you buy her on Valentines Day doesn’t impress her too much. It will also be far less boring with a companion, he/she will always be wanting to explore new places, even if it’s an abandoned building on the other side of town. Traveling and exploring doesn’t just mean hopping on an airplane to Europe or Africa. It’s the spirit of openness to experience and exploration that actually matters.

The right equipment

Getting the right equipment to become a travel photographer isn’t a difficult thing to do, it’s actually quite easy to pull off and it’s also not that expensive, you are going to need a DSLR camera as a MINIMUM requirement, some travel tripods wouldn’t hurt either so it’s advisable to purchase some of them to.

What will make a good travel photo?

Simple pictures won’t be adequate, the photos need to be of good quality and of original content. For Instagram aesthetically, pleasing photos may pass but it’s unlikely that more mainstream publications such as magazines or editorially edited publications such as large entertainment websites they are likely to be much more difficult to pass.

How are you going to get the job?

You have to be willing to compete, like most other good jobs the competition that comes along with it is rough and you have to be willing to push yourself to the fullest. Really the only way to make a living from travel photography is to make it into a full-time job of yours.…

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