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The Best Family Beach Vacation Packing List

The sun, the sand, and the salty ocean are a deadly combination hard to resist especially for families with young children. Kids love to feel the sand and play in it for hours together while the adults take an invigorating swim or just chill enjoying the ambiance; in total it is the ideal picture-perfect holiday. Well almost, if you get your packing list right or else you are looking at a scene where the kids are wailing, the spouse is furious and you wishing to be anywhere but the beach.

This list of essentials will ensure you can have a smooth ride.

  1. Beach tent: Especially with young kids and toddlers who need their nap. A beach tent and a beach mat area must. For your own self-invest in a lightweight umbrella stroller with a canopy.
  2. Sunscreen: A broad spectrum sunscreen which is water resistant is a must to protect yourself from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
  3. Finger foods: The sea breeze acts like an appetizer and you tend to get hungry; carry finger foods and dry snacks that are easy to munch on even as you play in the sand or stroll near the water.
  4. Things to play: Take beach balls, frisbees, sand toys. You can check out more activities at
  5. Plastic bag for trash: Littering is not allowed on any beach and hence carry your own trash cover.
  6. Important gear and attire: Carry adequate towels, sunglasses, goggles, protective hats and visors. Wear comfortable and lightweight cotton clothing. Carry an additional pair of swimwear so that you are not stuck with damp clothes for consecutive days.
  7. Baby Powder or cornstarch: Getting sand off your body is a big pain but you can overcome this hurdle by either applying baby powder or cornstarch. You will be thrilled with the ease with which the sand falls off.
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