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Thank You Gifts After Baby Is Born 

The birth of a baby is a thing of joy in every home. Purchasing a thank you gift after a baby is born can be a thing of a challenge to several people simply because they may not even know the right things to buy.  

People tend to ask questions such as what are the best gifts for 1 year old boy or girl. In this article, we shall look at some examples of thank you gifts you can purchase after a baby is born. 

In case you belong to a category of people who are faced with the challenge of choice, here are some examples of gifts for 1-year-old boy or girl. 


A baby monitor to assist the parents in monitoring their child’s activities.  

A Baby’s high chair 

A bassinet  

Baby books which the child can use to learn how to grip. 

Baby clothes 

Baby Meals 

Baby pajamas 

Baby receiving blankets  

Bibs and bottles 

Diapers and wipes  


Toys: Such as those of animals or cartoon characters which the baby will love to play with. 


After receiving the gifts there will need to thank the giver for sending a thank you note. Here is a guide on how to go about that. 


  • Make a list of all the gifts you received. Categorize them into types, date received and the name of the giver. 
  • If you don’t have time to create an inventory, you can also write the thank you note as soon as you receive the gift. This will help you not to forget.  
  • While writing the note, make sure you include what the gift was used for. It is good when people are intimated on how their gifts are used.  
  • You can invite the person over to see how the gift looks on your child or what you used the money for.  
  • State reasons why you love the gift 




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