20 Fashion Items You Should Own by the Time You’re 30

At the age of 30, you become mature to explore the world. Your views get changed as you grow. You set your own style out of the styles that evolve around you.  By this time, you should get settled with the items in your wardrobe.

  1. A pair of well-fitting jeans: Pick a pair that perfectly suits your body.
  2. A dress for formal occasion: Make sure you are prepared to go in fancy events.
  3. A pair of black pumps: You never know you may need those any time.
  4. An investment bag: For this, louis vuitton cheap handbags are an excellent choice.
  5. A cocktail dress: It goes everywhere from garden party to wedding.
  6. A work bag: It should be practical, polished, and simple.
  7. Tailored pants: They are necessary to manage business and profession.
  8. Black boots: A great pair of Chelsea boots is required in your way from home to job every day.
  9. Proper luggage: Have something that is manageable on the roads. Always check the storing capacity that you can handle comfortably.
  10. The knit: When it gets cold, you need this first.
  11. A trusty LBD: A black dress is a must at the age of 30.
  12. A leather jacket: You can wear it with almost everything.
  13. A sandal: This is must in summer.
  14. A silk scarf: A beautiful silk scarf is must in wardrobe and can be the ideal heirloom.
  15. Sneakers: Those are all you need to chase your dog in the garden, children on the way to school and your partner on the weekend.
  16. Statement earring: Pair them with just anything without any fear.
  17. Sunglasses that suit your face: Whenever you are out in the daytime, you need one.
  18. A watch: This has always been a most practical accessory.
  19. A white shirt: You definitely need one.
  20. A pantsuit: This is for the office, seminars, and conference.
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