5 Reasons to Always Carry a Reusable Water Bottle (and Never Buy Bottled Water Again!)

Bottled water is an unavoidable necessity, especially while traveling. People find it convenient to buy water bottles than to carry a reusable one. Though we are well aware of the environmental hazards of increased plastic dumping on this planet, we conveniently ignore it. This will soon become a big problem that will come down heavily on our planet and thus threaten our very existence. We also have heard reports of how unsafe bottled water is but still, we somehow turn a blind eye to it. Here are five compelling reasons for you not to pick that little bottle again.

  • Reduce the Natural reserve of potable water – The whole process of producing the water bottles, filling water in them and transporting them to the required places on a large scale will drain our planet of its valuable natural resource.
  • Harmful chemicals – The plastics contain harmful chemicals that get mixed with the water when the bottle is subject to more heat light. These chemicals are known to cause cancer.
  • The plastic waste created can never be destroyed. They will continue to exist in some form or the other which definitely causes environmental hazards.
  • Recycling the plastics will only make use of a fraction of the total waste. The remaining will continue to pollute our land and water resources.
  • Plastic waste harm animals and birds – The waste generated from the plastic bottles are dumped on empty lands or thrown into water bodies which will adversely affect the plant and animals life.
  • The plastic thrown into the oceans breaks into tiny particles which are called plastic smog. This attracts other pollutants and the resultant lethal combination is consumed by the fish and other aquatic animals that further threaten the various species of aquatic life.

If these reasons are not enough, please also go through the survey reports of how safe bottled water is. Also, visit movomovo for more updates on leading a healthy lifestyle.

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